Adult Bible Studies

Sunday Morning @ 9:00 a.m


Bible Studies for Life-Hope Women(Multi-Generational)      “It’s All About Jesus” and “Being an Authentic Church”   Room 301 (Legacy Center)-9:00 a.m.
Teachers: Sue Burgess/Gay Magouryk 

Bible Studies for Life-Rebekah-Dorcas Women          “It’s All About Jesus” and “Being an Authentic Church”   (Multi-Generational) Room 305 (Legacy Center)-9:00 a.m.  Teachers:  Bernice Young/Judy Brittain

The Journey 101-How to Walk Daily with JesusWomen II-Encountering God by Kelly Minter (all ages)-Room 304 (Legacy Center)-9:00 a.m.
Teachers: Sharon Finch and Lynne McGuffey

“The End” Crosswalk-Women of all Ages   Room 114 (Education Bldg.)-9:00 a.m.  Teacher: Sheila Borders

Bible Studies for Life-Women I-(Multi-Generational)  “It’s All About Jesus” and “Being An Authentic Church” in Room 302 (Legacy Center)-9:00 a.m.
Teachers: Joy Carter/Pat Lehr



Bible Studies for Life-Men-(Multi-Generational)          Room 300 (Legacy Center)-9:00 a.m.                                  “It’s All About Jesus” and “Being An Authentic Church”  
Teachers: Buck Brown/Will Ginn/Neil Brittain

2024 Children's Ministry Lessons (Special Needs)

Children’s Ministry Lessons (Special Needs) Circle of Friends-(older teens and adults with special needs)-Room 114 in the back hall of the Education Building at 9:00 a.m. on Sundays and 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday nights.
Teachers: Zach and Hailey Waits/Cheryl Henegar

Co-Ed/College & Career

Explore the Bible-Genesis 20-50 (Adults-KJV-Messenger Class (Co-Ed ) Room 115 (Education Bldg.)-9:00 a.m.  Teacher: Keith Henegar

Explore the Bible-Co-Ed-(Adults-CSB-Worship Center Class) Genesis 20-50                                                   Sanctuary-9:00 a.m. Teacher: Glenn Borders

Ephesians-Life in the Word-(Co-Ed all ages)
Lighthouse (Student Building)-9:00 a.m.
Teacher: Keith Turner and Byron Greenwood

The Book of Job-College & Career-(ages 18-24)-Room 212 upstairs (Education Bldg.)-9:00 a.m.
Teachers:  Rick Marsh



Explore the Bible “Genesis 20-50”-Engaged-Young Married-Room 100 (Education Bldg.)-9:00 a.m.
Teachers: Seth and Jessica Hall

Study in Luke-Married I   Room 100 (Education Bldg.)-9:00 a.m.
Teachers: Scott Yaikow, Clark Jinks

James by Matt Chandler- Married II  Room 102 (Education Bldg.)-9:00 a.m.
Teachers: Paul & Denise Argo, Tony & Susan Maxwell

1st Timothy-Married III-(Empty Nesters-Retired)-Banquet Room-9:00 a.m.
Teachers: Allan Trotter/Glenn Borders/Craig Baird/Doozer Hughes


Wednesday Night Bible Studies

Wednesday Night Worship Center Bible Study

Wednesday Night Bible Study

Worship Center (Co-Ed)-6:30 p.m.
Teacher: Bro. Phil Winningham


Circle of Friends (Special Needs)

Teachers:  Zach and Hailey Waits

We are so excited to offer a Wednesday night class for our Special Needs friends!  We will have music, skits, puppets, crafts, and so much more as we learn God’s Word!

THE MAN CHURCH-Room 300 in Legacy Hall

Teachers:  Don Williams, Keith Turner

Chronological Bible Study-Room 113

"Why Do You Believe That" by Mary Jo Sharp

Room 102-6:30 p.m.-Teacher:  Carla Trantham