Adult Bible Studies

Sunday Morning @ 10:00 a.m


Bible Studies for Life-Hope Women-(Multi-Generational)          Room 102-10 a.m.
Teachers: Sue Burgess/Gay Magouryk 

“Elijah” by Priscilla ShirerWomen I-(Multi-Generational)          Room 112-10:00 a.m.
Teachers: Joy Carter/Pat Lehr/Malissa Humphries

Bible Studies for Life-Rebekah-Dorcas Women (Multi-Generational) Room 113-10 a.m.
Teachers:  Bernice Young/Judy Brittain

Chronological Study of the New TestamentWomen II-(Empty Nesters)-Room 114 
Teacher: Kay Johnson

Book of Daniel- Crosswalk-Women-(25-45)-Room 206 upstairs in the Education Building-10 a.m.
Teachers: Page Trantham/Amber Kilgore



Bible Studies for Life-Men-(Multi-Generational)-Temporarily meeting at Trantham Farms (Airplane Hanger)-10 a.m.
Teachers: Buck Brown/Will Ginn/Neil Brittain

Access (Special Needs)

Access-Bible Studies for Life (Special Needs) Circle of Friends-(older teens and adults with special needs)-Room behind the Sanctuary in back hall.
Teacher: Melonie Jones

Co-Ed/College & Career

Explore the Bible-Co-Ed-(Adults-KJV-Co-Ed 1) Room 100-10 a.m.
Teachers: Rick Nabors and Tim Sechrest

Explore the Bible-Co-Ed-(Adults-CSB-Worship Center Class) Sanctuary-10 a.m.
Teacher: Dr. Don Hamilton

1st & 2nd Peter -Life in the Word-(Co-Ed all ages)
Room 116-10 a.m.
Teacher: Don Williams

Study in Acts-College & Career-(ages 18-24)-Room 215 upstairs in the Education Building-10 a.m.
Teachers:  Jason & Sherry Johnson, Rick & Jill Marsh



“The 5 Love Languages” by Gary Smalley-Engaged-Young Married-Room 115-10 a.m.
Teachers: Seth and Jessica Hall

Study in Matthew-Married I-Banquet Room-10 a.m.
Teachers: Keith & Cheryl Henegar, Clark Jinks

Genesis and Creation Apologetics–Married II– Brickhouse-downstairs-10 a.m.
Teachers: Paul & Denise Argo, Tony & Susan Maxwell

Study in the Book of Genesis-Married III-(Empty Nesters-Retired)-Lighthouse (Student Building)-10 a.m.
Teachers: Allan Trotter/Glenn Borders/Craig Baird/Doozer Hughes


Wednesday Night Bible Studies

Women's GAP Ministry "Behold the Lamb"

Wednesday Nights at 6:30 p.m. in Banquet Room





We invite you to join us as we gather to glorify the Great I AM with great teaching and time together! The Great I AM is our Passover Lamb.  Take a walk with us as we experience Jesus’ journey to the cross, remembering who our Redeemer is, why our redemption took a lamb and His promises to us in the Power of His Resurrection.

Ladies of all ages are invited and encouraged to attend.

The Prodigal Son/Lord's Prayer

The Prodigal Son/The Lord’s Prayer-Men’s Study
Wednesday Night-6:30 p.m. Room 116 in Education Building
Teachers:  Scott Calhoun and Josh Doggrell


The Prodigal Son by Matt Carter

At some point we have all asked Is Christianity really working for me? or Is following Jesus really worth it? But what makes us ask these questions in the first place? Why are we so tempted by a life outside God’s design?

In the parable of the Prodigal Son, we meet a young man who demands his inheritance, then goes and squanders it in a far-off country away from the watchful eye of his father. When he finds that the world and its pleasures do not deliver on their promises, he arises and returns home.

This Bible study shows us what it means to follow God and walk with Him in a relationship of love and commitment, and ultimately illustrating that the best life is found in the love of our Father.

Learn to:
• See the progression from temptation to sin, and learn to avoid it.
• Find answers to the big questions all Christians ask in their faith journeys.
• Meet the big and gracious heavenly Father who rejoices over and celebrates your relationship with Him.
• Diagnose the root of your sin problem.
• Accept what it truly means to be loved and forgiven by Jesus.
• See how God draws believers to Himself when they are lost and wayward.
• Mourn your sin to find comfort in Jesus.
• Come home to receive the love of your Father.

Last Days

Last Days-Worship Center (Co-Ed)
Teachers: Bro. Mike Owens and Don Williams





Are we living in the last days?  Join us for a study in End Times scriptures.