Adult Bible Studies

Sunday Morning @ 9:00 a.m


Bible Studies for Life-Hope Women(Multi-Generational)       “My Encounter with Jesus” “Dealing With Temptation”   Room 301 (Legacy Center)-9:00 a.m.
Teachers: Sue Burgess/Gay Magouryk 

Bible Studies for Life-Rebekah-Dorcas Women       “My Encounter with Jesus” “Dealing with Temptation”  (Multi-Generational) Room 305 (Legacy Center)-9:00 a.m.
Teachers:  Bernice Young/Judy Brittain

The Journey 101-How to Walk Daily with JesusWomen II(all ages)-Room 304 (Legacy Center)-9:00 a.m.
Teachers: Kay Johnson and various

Experiencing God by Henry & Richard Blackaby   Crosswalk-Women of all Ages   Room 114 (Education Bldg.)-9:00 a.m.
Teachers: Amber Kilgore/Sheila Borders/Kellilyn Sechrest

“Don’t Give The Enemy  a Seat at Your Table” by Louie Giglio–Women I-(Multi-Generational)  Study in   Room 302 (Legacy Center)-9:00 a.m.
Teacher: Malissa Humphries



Bible Studies for Life-Men-(Multi-Generational)          Room 300 (Legacy Center)-9:00 a.m.                                                       

“My Encounter with Jesus” “Dealing with Temptation” 
Teachers: Buck Brown/Will Ginn/Neil Brittain

Access (Special Needs)

Access-Bible Studies for Life (Special Needs) Circle of Friends-(older teens and adults with special needs)-Room behind the Sanctuary in back hall.  9:00 a.m.
Teachers: Melonie Jones, Zach and Hailey Waits/Cheryl Henegar

Co-Ed/College & Career

Explore the Bible-Co-Ed-(Adults-KJV-Co-Ed 1) Exploring  John 1-11                                                    Room 115 (Education Bldg.)-9:00 a.m.
Teachers: Ronald Jones and Keith Henegar

Explore the Bible-Co-Ed-(Adults-CSB-Worship Center Class)                                                                    Exploring John 1-11                                                            Sanctuary-9:00 a.m.
Teacher: Dr. Don Hamilton

The Gospel of John-Life in the Word-(Co-Ed all ages)
Lighthouse (Student Building)-9:00 a.m.
Teacher: Keith Turner and Byron Greenwod

The Book of Galatians-College & Career-(ages 18-24)-Room 212 upstairs (Education Bldg.)-9:00 a.m.
Teachers:  Jason Johnson, Rick & Jill Marsh



“Revelation” –Engaged-Young Married–               Room 116 (Education Bldg.)-9:00 a.m.
Teachers: Seth and Jessica Hall

“Experiencing God” by Richard & Henry Blackaby –Married I   Room 100 (Education Bldg.)-9:00 a.m.
Teachers: Scott Yaikow, Clark Jinks

“Love & Respect”                                                   Married II  Room 102 (Education Bldg.)-9:00 a.m.
Teachers: Paul & Denise Argo, Tony & Susan Maxwell

Study in the Minor Prophets-Married III-(Empty Nesters-Retired)-Banquet Room-9:00 a.m.
Teachers: Allan Trotter/Glenn Borders/Craig Baird/Doozer Hughes


Wednesday Night Bible Studies

Wednesday Night Worship Center Bible Study

Wednesday Night Bible Study

Spiritual Potluck- Worship Center (Co-Ed)-6:30 p.m.
Teachers: Jeff Morris, Bro. Phil Winningham


The Book of Exodus

Hey College/Career!  Join us in Room 212 at 6:30 p.m. as we explore the Exodus of God’s people from slavery.

Teacher:  Scott Calhoun


Exploring Ephesians

CLC-Banquet Room  Taught by Robin Morris

Ladies join us as we explore into Ephesians and see what God wants us to learn.  You don’t want to miss this!

Circle of Friends (Special Needs)

We are so excited to offer a Wednesday night class for our Special Needs friends!  We will have music, skits, puppets, crafts, and so much more as we learn God’s Word!

A Walk Through the Word

Ladies, Join us in Room 116 as we start a chronological study through the Bible-taught by Christie Calhoun